The Dagda

There was a collective sigh of relief as Dim stepped out into the meadow looking mightily pleased with himself.

"Come with us." the dark haired Fey who had spoke to them previously beckoned for them to follow as he and his kin began to walk towards a nearby treeline.

"Are they elves?" Balar asked beneath his breath.

"No." Tiella faltered as she realised she had no cause to be so sure, "I mean I do not think so. These people are more primal and..." her brow wrinkled, "more dangerous."

"They look kind elvish." Balar muttered and she laughed.

"You mean they have elven ears... you and Dim both have round ears does that make you a dwarf?"

Balar coughed in embarrassment as he glanced over toward Dim.

The trees ahead were obviously planted and grown by these Fey creatures. They grew in a close line and were so thickly surrounded by woodland greenery and brambles that no clear passage inwards could be see. They stretched off to the right and left and seemed to curve away to either side as if encircling what ever lay within.

As they came close the Fey halted and their leader stepped out hands raised. "Father we bring you visitors." he called out and for a moment there was silence.

Then, a gentle breeze began to rustle the leaves of the trees. There was a groan of shifting timbers as two wide oaks ahead of them began to shift their branches. They watched as the thick trunks seemed to bow outward leaving a wide archway leading into darkness.

"Welcome." echoed a voice from within those shadows and then the heavy tread of feet could be heard as the Dagda stepped forth. Half again as tall as Eric, his chest was bare and muscled, while his torso and legs were covered by thick brown fur ending in heavy black hooves. He looked down at them one and all through bright green eyes that spoke of ancient wisdom and from his head grew thick antlers adorned with moss and foliage that crept down to tangle with his hair and beard. He held a great silver spear in one hand which he used as a staff as he approached.

"Welcome one and all to the valley of Tir Na Nog. Come feast with us and share stories of you journey for a perceive that it is worthy of a song. Come..." and with that he gestured for them to follow within.

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