We're Doomed ...

Joint post Winters and Blitzen

Olin with Varan in his arm did as the forest god bid. So far so good, so long as things stayed civil they might survive! It could be worse but it could always be worse. If Balar played his cards right he might be able to learn of an alternate route to Asgard.

It was a Forest God after all!

“Tir Na Nog…” Varan repeated. “I’ve heard stories of here. Never thought I’d get to see it. Fire and Ash!” Her eyes took in the sights, green as far as the eye can see. A place beautiful and possibly worthy enough for Olin himself.

“To its credit it is amazing but they don’t talk about how deadly it is. I mean Nature is pretty deadly and this is just a reflection of that. I figure so long as our group nods and smiles, maybe do nothing insane … we might survive!” The young mage said optimistically.

“We’re doomed.” Varan said, matter of fact. But at least if she were to die, she would die in the arms of Olin. There was an upside to everything!

Olin saw Dim pass through. “Yup. We’re doomed. At least we might get a last meal out of the deal.” There really was an upside to everything!

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