The Dagda’s Greeting

Erik and Dyvia merely nodded a greeting to the jovial being, then kept close to the others as they moved inside the trees.
Hearing Olin and Varan speak, Dyvia shook her head and scoffed.
“Well, at least you two love birds are prepared for the worst.”
She also noticed Luna’s newfound joy and moved over to her side.
“You feeling better, lass?”
Mimir could not contain his joy. His new group was as close to family as he had now, but it was not the same as meeting a long lost friend.
Maybe friend was too cheerful a word. Although he remembered many grand feasts and drunken songs with the Dagda, he also knew of a few times his younger impish nature had grown the deities patience thin.
He chose a softer greeting, one that allowed for a deeper and more sensitive question.
“You look well Old Chief.... are there any others in your hallowed wood?”
It was here that Theo felt only awe. Every story told on Midgard hinted at the gods avoiding their fate, but to see that it was true..... it took a moment for the experienced hunter to realize his jaw was open.
He joined the others as they entered the enchanted woods, speaking to Balar for what he believed to be the first time, his disbelief to great to be hidden.
“Did you know more had survived?”

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