Are there others...?

“You look well Old Chief.... are there any others in your hallowed wood?”

Balar listened to the conversation between Mimir and the Dagda. He wondered at the familiarity between the two beings. Their ease with each other was obvious. He could not imagine being at ease speaking to a being such as this. The Dagda looked briefly troubled by the old mans question but gave answer nonetheless.

"We rarely have guests here in the wooded vale, but another did arrive shortly before your party. I will say no more on the matter for the moment."

“Did you know more had survived?” Theos words distracted him from his eavesdropping and it took Balar a moment to adjust his thoughts to interpret the mans question. He shrugged.

"Many powers still remain in the worlds. The rule of the Aesir was ended at the Ragnarok and those we once worshipped as gods are no more for the most part." He shook his head, "but power... power remains along with those who wield it."

As they walked on through the woodland paradise of the Dagda the children of the forest began to gather about them. These creatures appeared as those outside for the most part though not garbed with armour and weapons. Some however seemed part animal, while others had an ethereal, almost ghost-like aspect to them, seeming more spirit than flesh. There were animals too of all shapes and sizes. Tiella gasped with delight as one of the Fey shifted form before them from that of a female humanoid to a silver fox that began to run along at their feet, snapping at them playfully.

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