Pretty Things

Olin was having Skratii problem as butterflies landed in his hair and hummingbirds danced around to find a perch on him vying for his attention. Foxes pranced as his feet rubbing their bodies along his legs threatening to trip him up or maybe that was the goal? He walked along carefully so as not to step on anyone or fall prey to their affections with a face plant.

Varan could relate to the small woodland creatures and their attraction to Olin, she wasn’t impervious to his magic either, but she also found herself feeling a kinship to the others. Tiella, in particular, was of interest, a half-elf with the love of a full human, but there was still something … off about her that was difficult to put a finger on. Varan also noticed for the first time the black crow didn’t hover around Olin like other creatures. It wasn’t as noticeable in her homeland, what with the ice and snow, but here, the blackbird stuck out like an infected wound.

“I hope it won’t be like this the whole way I feel like a some kind of attractive flower!” He said nearly tripping. “Calm down …” He urged.

“You are an attractive flower,” Varan near purred. “Vibrant and colorful, stand alone even in this garden of bugs and beauty.” She ran a hand over his chest, and watched the black bird circle ahead. “That crow has been following us for some time now, odd, isn’t it?”

He couldn’t help but laugh at her comment.“If it were a regular crow. Which clearly it’s not. It seems to have taken to the Luna, accuser of bread.” He joked. He wasn’t above a little jibbing. “Well have to at some point take a closer look at it. Though given the hodgepodge nature of our merry little band I am not really surprised we attracted something odd like that.” Olin pointed out.

“Wise as well as beautiful.” She said with a nod, picking up a brightly colored stone to add to her collection of pretty things.

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