Peace and Paranoia

Mimir was glad to see the Dagda did not hold any ill will. Of course, the destruction of Ragnarok was enough to calm even Thor’s legendary temper.
“It brings much ease to be in your presence once more. It was a troubling thought to think myself the last. Now, I hope you have kept your cauldron. Of all things to be lost, that would be the greatest tragedy!”
Just being in his dear friends presence was bringing him back to his more jovial nature.
Seeing more of the denizens of this wood made Dyvia draw closer to Erik, Luna too enthralled with the forest creatures dancing around them to answer her.
“Given everything that we have been through, this is unnerving. It is too peaceful here.”
Her paranoia was not shared by the jotun. Although made by a god, this forest was serene and peaceful, a true wonder that would soothe any savage heart.
“This Dagda seems quite different from the deities we have met thus far, except for Heimdall.... I am intrigued to see where he leads.”
Theo was still left with questions, but Balars’ response was good enough for now.
What bothered him now was that Mimir was apparently good buddies with the Dagda. Meeting one of the last gods was only good if you were on good terms with them and he had already pissed off Mimir.
Guess I will now soon enough
“So... if that is the Dagda, doesn’t that mean we are WAY off course?”

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