Looks who came to dinner...

Balar was silent for a long time as they walked, but at last he gave answer to Theo. "I have been WAY off course lad since that damned jester Harlequin drove my wife and I into the wild on this damned suicide mission." he laughed darkly and slapped the young man on the back, "but no. While I did not expect to encounter the elder Fey in this land, I believe we are precisely where we need to be. I..."

As wide the avenue of trees opened up into a vast woodland banquet hall Balar came to a sudden halt, as did the others. The Dagda did not turn or react to their sudden lack of movement as he stepped forth with confidence toward the great oak throne that seemed to grow from the earth itself at the head of a broad semicircle of a table. The table was laden with all manner of food and drink and it appeared that seats had been prepared for them, all set before richly gilded plates and goblets. It was a magnificent sight to behold and the aroma was enough to make a stone groan with hunger.

But it was not the throne or the gilded platters that caught their attention, nor was it rich foods and flasks of sweet wine. The Dagda took his seat and his face was grave as he too looked upon the giant black wolf in the centre of his grand hall.

"I believe you have all met Fenrir." the Dagda announced, "He arrive but moments before you."

The god slayer raised his head and howled toward the canopy above and in the far distance the sound of hundreds of wolves returned his cry.

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