The Big Bad Wolf

Any cheer that had crept into Mimir’s demeanor fled with haste at the sight of such a dreaded creature. Although it was a distant memory, the screams this being had wrought were forever stained into his mind.
He stayed by the others, ready to bring up some sort of defense while they ran.
“It has been a long time, wolf. What business have you, the witch that stole your sister’s throne no longer walks with us.”
Dyvia had not been coherent when they first met Fenrir, but she knew his tale well and quickly readied herself for battle. She noticed Erik’s hammer swing gently into view, assuring her that he too was prepared.
The howl that echoed was a nasty memory for both jotun and hunter, flashbacks of their escape making both trade small looks between each other.
From the look of him, Theo knew the Dagda was just as pleased as they were.
Did that mean he would aid them or did the ancient being mean to hand them over begrudgingly....

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