Could be worse ...

Olin now had a harem of magical fairy animal creatures … the birds, in particular, preening his hair. He sighed looking to Varan with a reproachful look. “Could be worse.” He noted before their littlest member jumped up to pick a fight with the god killer himself. Not having a clue what she was talking about he looked to the other members of the party to see if they knew what she was talking about or if she had become unhinge and or suicidal.

“Isn’t that the wolf that fought the ice giants?” Varan asked. “I gave him a necklace. Why would the elf go and pick a fight with him of all… wolves?”

“Your guess is as good as mine … Uh … Luna is that … why are you picking a fight with Fenrir?” He blinked. After all, she was CLEARLY outmatched and from the sounds of it he had a pack and a half at his back.

“Who is Miles?” Varan asked Olin, swatting at a butterfly that was desperately trying to wedge itself in-between the two.

“No clue. There was no one named Miles when I encountered them.” Olin let his imagination run wild. “Maybe her sweetheart? It would explain her leaping about and poking the God Killer.” He reasoned with a sly smile.

Varan thought it over and nodded in agreement, near tripping on a rabbit as it frolicked by Olin’s feet. “Maybe,” she agreed. One thing was for certain - the wolf did not look all that happy about it.

“Well … Could be worse.” He said feel ing like a mobile menagerie. “Luna … just … get over here, stop spouting nonsense and trying to get yourself killed already.” Maybe it was the bunny attempting to seduce his leg or butterfly making lewd gestures on the side of his head. At least there weren’t any dragonflies. The point was he really wasn’t in the mood for the little elf’s dramatics.

The half-elf stared at the Giant’s hammer with disdain before turning her attention back to the full elf. “You’re going to get yourself and very likely the rest of us mauled.”

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