OOC - Luna Awakens

“ I will never serve the like of you any of you” she said looking at watch of the three God in turn. She put her hand to her head suddenly passing for a moment. A magic energy gathered with in her. She looked back at Fenrir. Something dancing behind her eye.

Something was going on something that was possible dangerous or perhaps the truth about her was about to be reviled. She stood suddenly I think I need to step outside for some air. Mimir would you be willing to join me.” She asked uncertainty into her voice. Something about miles being part of the wolf pack set her off and set of a chain reaction with in her.

Unknown seals on her that were being broken. A ball of shadow suddenly engulfed her. Shadow appeared in front of the group. Though he was different this time he appeared and a Handsome young dark elf with pail skin and white hair. “ I’m not sure if I should thank you air curse you wolf. You have awakened my young mistress. ” he said calmly. He then looked to the friends Luna had been travailing with. " My friends i do apologize for the deception but it was necessary to protect Luna. She is the Heir to the shadow elf kingdom and will eventually lead the dark elf's into a time of peace." i do wonder though would if she if she were to chose Miles as a "mate" as you say what would you do. it dose appeared that she is quit attached to him" Shadow said he then vanished.

As shadow vanished so did the the shadowy ball that enclosed Luna. The girl stood in front of them changed. Her clothing was different and she appeared much more confident something about her demanding respect. though she did not speak she had only been on her feet for a few moments before calapsing to her hands and knees. "what happened" she asked putting her hand to her head. She felt strange like for the first time she was actually in control of her power and not the other way around. she looked up at the people around her. " we were talking about Miles i wish to see him" she said calmly getting up and taking her seat. She looked at the others at the table then took a bite of the food in front of her. it was strange like the fire with in her had gone out or at least was tamed for the moment "Dagda this food is wonderful" She said.

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