At the mention of Odins throne Fenrir turned with a snarl, "So that is your goal!"

The Dagda slammed down his fist at the outburst, "Silence." he took a deep breath before studying the wolf god and the mystic in turn. "It seems your conflict is inevitable, it is a temptation to simply stand aside and be done with it."

"Then do it forest lord and I will darken your door no more." Fenrir quipped.

"Fenrir be calm. I will stay the temptation a while longer for the old mans request interests me."

"Fools!" Fenrir roared standing and with that he marched toward the avenue of trees that served as an exit to this wooded hall. Passing Luna he turned and sniffed the air.

"So the Dark Aelfar still live." he growled, "Good to know." he looked her up and down, "I go now to your friend, I will relay your concern for his... wellbeing."

And with that Fenrir was gone and the Dagda released a sigh of relief. He turned to Mimir and took a long sip from his cup.

"The passage to Asgard is well guarded, and even more so with this rabid pack waiting for you on my borders, but perhaps we might serve one another in this task. Tell me, though I suspect I know the answer. Why do you seek the throne of Asgard?"

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