A Grim Quest

At the Dagda’s question, Mimir went silent. He wasn’t sure how to word their insane quest.
“The human warrior and his wife were tasked to find it. We joined them along the way.”
Mimir looked up to hear Erik speak. The jotun left much out and ehile that could be beneficial, the ancient man couldn’t deceive his old friend.
“They were tricked. Deceived into a contract by Harlequin. Many of us follow in order to ensure their success, though I do not speak for everyone.”
He scanned their crew, lingering on three.
Theo, Olin, and Varan.
Theo and Varan had been swept into the group due to the hectic ride they had been on. Olin however... he seemed to stay of his own accord.
“I abhor bringing such ill wind to your door, old friend, but even a mere direction would be most appreciated.”
Mimir’s gaze had not been lost on Theo, shifting in his seat before occupying himself with food and drink.

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