Impending doom?

Olin sipped his wine watching the play unfold. “I think little one you need to keep your eyes forward. Pick a quest and follow it. You are pulling yourself in too many directions.” The mage pointed out.

“If you pursue it all you will fail that is a guarantee. You have to focus on one problem at a time.” He elaborated listening carefully to Dagdas words. Well, that was going to be another treacherous adventure and a relic of the fallen gods they would need to uncover. Though he did wonder if it were Frya’s Chariot they were after now what would put it and would there be enough room for them all? Where would they get cats?!

Olin sighed as questions arose in his head but not sure of his place to ask them. He was after all new and after the event with his previous mistress … likely not as trusted.

“I know how you feel,” Varan said, helpfully. “Ice giants have been eating my kind for an eternity. Fenir defeated some. Perhaps Fenir will show your people mercy.”

Olin chuckled. “Oh sorry, I thought you were joking.” He blink to Varan. “The next time you see Fenir he and his kin will likely target you. Given you’re both ancient enemies.” He reminded the mageling.

(JP Winters, Blitzen)

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