Rumination and Daggers

Mimir mulled over the Dagda's warning, letting the others talk. He hadn't liked much of what he had seen so far, no surprise that it would happen once again.
"At this point, I do not believe there is a true choice for backing out. My thanks, old friend."
Olin's advice to Luna caught his attention. He was guilty of such things, constantly thinking of everything that was happening and what could happen. It seemed living as a crazed hermit had done little to sooth the habit.
The biggest of his problems, in no particular order.

Dyvia had been enjoying the Dagda's hospitality, feeling the hole in her gut slowly fill with immense satisfaction. With a final glass of wine, she felt relaxed. Something that she hadn't felt since spending the night in the mines.
She found herself looking at Luna, her new appearance giving the elf a dark beauty. No matter what, the seemingly small girl still remained fierce.
Faced against Harlequin and even Fenrir, she still held her resolve.
Being reminded of the past, she turned to Tiella with a sudden realization.
"Tiella, whatever became of that fancy blade of yours? I haven't seen you with it since I.. woke."

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