A Needed Update

Noting Tiella's apprehension and paying heed to Luna's warning, Dyvia made sure to hold the blade with gloves on.
Even with the thick leather, she could feel a dark weight. It reminded her very disturbingly of the void she had been trapped in.
"The runes are powerful, that's for sure. It feels....alive almost? Tiella's old blade felt like an empty pocket, merely waiting to absorb. This feels aggressive."
She became lost in thought, fully taking advantage of the time she had. It must have been recently made or even worse, used as a souvenir and kept out of combat. The blade had no chipping, no wear, even the handle was free of the familiar wear of being held.
Back to the runes, she wondered what insanity had gripped their creator.
So lost was she, that it had taken all this time for her mind to register what Luna had said.
"Tiella...... you died?? Luna, why would you offer the blade that killed her? Sindri's Forge, what happened when I was out??"

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