Make Friends, Not War

Luna’s idea almost made Mimir lose all hope in the elf. How could one think to be friendly with Fenrir? At the mention of her restored heritage however, Mimir found an idea.
“He needs you alive. My goodness, I never thought to bargain with Fenrir, but given our situation that might be our best bet.”
With this morbid sense of hope, Mimir began to think through any loopholes he could find.
“Our only issue with this path is that Fenrir has a sinister sense of humor. Even if we guarantee your safety through guile, he would most likely then pick the rest of us off to torture you and that outcome is simply foreplay to him.”
His eyes slightly glazed as he spoke, his mind split between the present discussion and the distant past. The muddled years as Kespin had done nothing to ease the pain the wolf had caused.
“We need someone to talk to him. I am afraid our shared past makes it impossible for me to do so and you are quite brash in his presence.”

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