Dim Stays Behind

The Dagda raised his hand at the mention of passing through the shadow as a means of escape.

"I will not allow such a gateway to opened within this hall." his voice was stern. "My children will distract the wolf and his kin with the pleasures of the forest and I will provide a path for your escape."

At his command many of the fey creatures began to filter away toward the distant sound of the wolf pack and the Dagda motioned for the party to follow.

It was then that Dim spoke up. "I will stay."

"Brother Dwarf are you sure?" Balar asked.

"Here there is good fire to keep Dim warm, good food to keep Dim fed and good women to keep Dim hard."

And indeed Dim appeared quite content sitting before a roaring fire, gnawing on a chicken bone and fondling a blue skinned fairy who had deposited herself on his lap.

"We will take good care of him, if this is his will." the Dagda promised.

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