The Faery Horde

The Dagda led them all away from the feast and into a narrow corridor of trees. The ground slowly began to slope downward and the banks rose to either side of them until they found themselves at last walking through a tangled passage of dirt and tree roots.

Down, down they all went until the passage widened and levelled once more. Torches lit the area to either side of them and before them stood to great oak doors, tangled with roots.

The Dagda raised his hand and mumbled strange words beneath his breath. He was answered with a loud crack and creek as the doors began to swing open to reveal a vast chamber filled with all manner of treasures.

"Welcome to the treasure room of my people. Here are all manner of wonders that may aid you in your quest. Speak to me of your need and I will answer as best I may."

[b]OOC: Make a Wish! Tell the Dagda of your hearts desire or most urgent need and he will bestow an appropriate gift!![/b]

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