Drawing Ire

Balar glanced down at his axe, it was good to be holding it again after all these years, but he had to admit it was perhaps overkill for this situation. Then again maybe not, the mercenary went for his dagger and made a grab for the girl. Balar surged forward only to stop short as the girl conjured some kind of magical shield to hold the lout back. Of all the bloody things that she could do.

“Oh shit.” He cursed as all around the room men began to rise from their stools and reach for weapons. “Oh bloody shit.” He growled.

The elf was raising her staff and speaking to the mercenary with quiet anger in her voice. This was bad. The drunk was not even listening, he was staring wide eyed at the magical light that danced before him. He looked like he was about to sick up.

“Everyone calm down!” Balar roared as he lifted his axe between the mercenary and the elf. “All of you back to your chairs... and you, get behind the bar and stay there.” He said the last to the girl. “and no more magic tricks, of all the damned bloody....” he trailed off as he saw that many of the inns occupants were not yet seated.

They had weapons in hand and they were moving to surround the elf. Still others were leaving through the front door. Could he hear screaming outside? He shook his head, and returned his attention to the room.

“Right you bastards this is your last warning, I swear by Odins left bollock that the first one of you to swing a blade in here will loose his dick and his head in that precise order!”

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