Lore : Humans and Magic

Since the nightmare that was the Ragnarok, humans as a race have feared magic. Seeing the sky burn and nations slaughtered by wild demons and giants tends to colour opinions somewhat and as time passes memories are replaced by superstition and mindless fear.

Open magic use in most human towns is punishable by death and it is the chief reason for the dislike that men have for the Shill. Witch hunters are employed in many areas, wandering sell-swords and often con men who prey on the ignorance and fear of others.

There is also rumour of a hunter known as the wolf, a true slayer of magical creatures and would be sorcerers. He is said to be ruthless and cold, like a man possessed.

To be marked by the wolf is to be marked for death.

OOC : Sorry Luna I probably should have warned you but it is more fun this way :)

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