The Necromancers Name

Elder Erinforge ceased his shrieking and all of the Dwarves around the hall placed hands on their weapons. While they had seemed unconcerned by the ravings of their crazy old leader, mention of the Necromancer seemed to have suddenly put them all on edge.

The elder crept from behind his seat his eyes still fixed on Erik as he calmed himself. After a moment or two he gave a brief nod and barked a laugh,

"Ha! a peaceful giant then, so be it. Such things have been known, though still treacherous, yes we must watch you and you must watch yourself." he gave a nod as if that matter were settled before turning to glare at Luna,

"So elf of the twilight, daughter of shadow. What business do you have with Araghol and his black magics, why do you seek such as he? What do you want with a Necromancer?"

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