Luna's Icy Gaze

Kespin ate until his belly was full and about to burst.
He loved boiled potatoes, gravy, and rolls. He was suprised that the dwarves could cook so well.
"A true delicacy our gracious hosts." He ended the evenings meal thanking each and everyone of the hostesses with a smile and a wink. The group of children came back into the hall to surround the old man demanding more displays of magic.

"Magic? I can't do magic." he replied. Then he knelt down and looked them all in the eyes saying..."The rolls must have been haunted by ghosts! Hurry run to your bed rooms before they come back up and curse us all for eternity!" Kespin started to run around the hall with the children hands up waving in the air screaming.

Suddenly a shadow appeared behind Kespin and all the children froze with eyes wide open. Kespin stopped at their surprised look and slowly turned around to see the hulking shadow behind him.

He stood there for a second and then turned his gaze towards Luna. She stared at him with an icy gaze.

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