"We do not speak of it." Ifran murmured as he glanced nervously back towards the crystal caverns.

"Perhaps you should start." Majvoc demanded as he too glanced back towards the shadows.

"There was a Jotun amidst the Sprits." Erik pressed, "I am sure of it."

Ifran visibly took hold of himself and glared at his unwanted companions. "He is the caretaker of the Gardens. It was once a holy place and still is to some."

"Who and what is he?" Balar demanded determined to make the dwarf talk.

"A Jotun elder, trapped in this realm like your friend there. It was for his sake that you received such a nervous greeting above. He is a shaman of sorts, and he has a dark and unpredictable humour. If he has decided to hunt us the Earth Spirits are the least of our concern."

"I suggest we press on." Jorrik urged and as if in response the voice of Kespin came echoing back up the passageway.

"Come along children." he called, "We have to go deeper before we go further!"

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