The companions studied the Dwarven newcomer in stoney silence for a moment and the Jorrick broke the tension by barking out a laugh and offering a hand.

"So be it, and well met master Dwarf. Since joining with these fine fellows I have seen nothing but trouble so have come to expect trouble at every turn."

Ifran gave a low bow obviously impressed by the credentials on the inebriated newcomer. He introduced himself and their companions in short order.

"You must excuse our dour welcome." Balar offered, "we were beset by troubles in the caverns above and now await the return of several members of our party."

"Enough of this prattle," interrupted Kespin, "The smelly Dwarf wants Ale and so do I. Who has the ale?"


"He is close." Luna said as the shadow magic drew them deeper into the Crystal caverns.

"Erik." Tiella called out into the darkness, wary of letting her voice carry too far lest she awake the ire of the earth spirits once more.

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