'Okay,' said Majvoc, 'See you kids around.' He flicked a finger at Balar and Tiella, then turned away to begin walking in the dark.

'You can't turn into the night,' cried Tiella, 'There's god knows out there.'

'Hey, yeah, maybe - but guess what? It doesn't involve magic and shadows.'

There was a terrible, guttural growl from somewhere in the dark.

'But it does involve trolls,' said Balar, readying his axe in his hand.


Two trolls sat tearing at the flesh of a soft grey horse. Blood dripped, and guts were spilled out onto the street. The trolls scooped handfuls upon handfuls of the flesh into their mouth. They shovelled it like they were starving.

Suddenly one slowed, his large nose twitching as it sniffed the air. He scanned the dark, his black beady eyes searching for the source of the something. The smell was sweet and sickly, dark and heavy, and irresistible.

He got up from his feast and began to walk towards the smell. Slowly and heavy footsteps, almost like he was shuffling. Then a walk, and then a jog. Then a run. Then his long arms joined in the run, his thick knuckles hitting the ground as he bounded towards the smell.


'Now, listen,' said Majvoc, waving Luna's staff, 'You two can go galavanting through some magic horseshit realm to get us out of the town. But I'll take the safer route, trolls and all.

Then there was a heavy breathing behind him, blowing at his hair and warming his neck. He could hear a deep growl as the breath moved from his neck around to his hand, which had become frozen in its place. Something wet and slick closed over his hand and swallowed the staff out of his grip.

'Great,' growled Balar.

Majvoc turned around to see a troll standing behind him, licking his lips and rubbing his belly. Then another appeared behind him, and seemed to be searching for something. When his search led him to the other troll, there was a roar of anger. The troll bite directly into the stomach of his friend, blood and guts spilling out to the street.

'Grab the staff!' shouted Tiella at Majvoc, who on instinct dived into the guts of the troll and fished out the staff before the other troll could eat it up.

'Okay,' said Majvoc, holding the staff as it dripped with saliva, 'What now?'

'Do something with it before we become the next meal,' said Balar.

'And how does it work, exactly?' asked Majvoc as he backed away from the troll that was still sifting through the guts of his friend.

'Usually, you just think,' said Tiella.

'Think?' shouted Majvoc, 'Think of what?'

'Luna? Exit? I don't know just, think!'

'Okay, everyone grab onto it!' said Majvoc as the troll started to come towards them.

The three hit the ground with a thud, landing at Luna's feet.

'We are not doing that again,' said Majvoc.

'For once, I agree with the thief,' said Balar, pushing himself to stand.

'Hey, look at that,' said Majvoc, 'I'm making friends.' Majvoc handed Luna the staff, still dripping with spit and guts.

'Well, what now?'

'The mountains are over there,' said Luna, pointing to the horizon.

'There are a couple of villages that way,' said Tiella, 'So we might be able to stock up on supplied there.'

'But I seriously suggest we don't use that magic again, or at least in that way,' warned Majvoc, 'It looks like w could get more trouble than we'd get in help.'

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