A Worthy Sacrifice

Garand frowned slightly at Tiella' proposal, but once he realized what he was doing, he tried his best to remove the upset look from his face. He had done well to avoid this very situation, but it seemed as if every passing moment his truths were under the threat of being ripped out of him. He knew this was inevitable if he planned to remain in these people's company, and now he couldn't refuse, for as much as he wanted to guard his secrets, he had to walk again. His mind lingered back to the fight before. In his grounded position, he was lucky to keep himself alive as well as he did; such luck seldom ever struck twice. It was a sacrifice, but a worthy one nonetheless. He could lie, however he felt as if a good way to make up for the wicked things he had done in his bast was to be truthful now, a sign that he was, indeed, turning over a new leaf, diverting from his past habits and behaviors.

After a short moment of thought, he looked up to Tiella.

"Fine. What would you like to know?"

While he did much better to conceal his emotion this time, he still did not seem all that pleased.

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