Strange Powers

Luna looked at the thief troubled, "You should not have been able to use it at all human."

"I am half elf." Tiella offered, "Perhaps i triggered its magic."

"Perhaps." Luna looked doubtful, "I believe you are touched by shadow deeper than you know." she said to Majvoc.

"We can puzzle it out later." Balar growled, "Your magic stick has not brought us far and with trolls in the area I would rather be elsewhere."

"So north then." Tiella said, "We can be in the next village by midday tomorrow."

"Are you with us thief?" Balar asked. The man gave a shrug in answer. "Here this is yours." he thrust the money box into Majvocs hand, and strode away not waiting for a reaction.

Tiella walked alongside Luna as they made their way northwards. The lands surrounding Nettlehole were mostly gentle hills and fields. They passed a few farmsteads and she was relieved to see torch light burning within. The trolls had not brought their slaughter here. Luna continued to look troubled as they walked and Tiella finally broke the silence.

"A strange night." she offered.

Luna raised her staff towards Tiella, "My life is filled with strange nights since choosing this path."

"We owe you our thanks for the escape." Tiella said after a moment.

"It almost did not work... it should not have worked for..." she glanced at Majvoc who was trailing behind them.

"You said yourself that he was touched by shadow."

"He is human."

Tiella shrugged, "We all need to stick together if we are to get through this. You did not take the fools offer, the rest of us are not so fortunate."

"You have no part in Balars bargain."

"Oh he told you did he?" Tiella glanced over at Balar in irritation. He smiled and waved back to her not seeing her features clearly in the dark. They walked in silence then for a time before Luna blurted out,

"I do not understand."

"Understand what?" Tiella asked

"Their attitude to magic, the men in your inn and the thief."

"We should probably stop calling him that."

Hearing, Majvoc grunted a laugh and Balar called back, "That would involve him telling us his damned name!"

Luna shrugged, "I do not understand it."

"Amongst our..." Tiella stopped herself, "Your people, magic is common. For humans it is not, and what is not known is often feared."

Luna nodded but did not respond so Tiella continued.

"Besides, you particular brand of magic is... dangerous."

"It is misunderstood." Luna said defensively, "I am not evil."

Tiella raised her hands, "I did not say you were but..." she took a deep breath, "Balar and I have been around for a while. You are not the first follower of the dark path we have encountered. Twice now I have seen you move through the shadows."

"What of it?" Luna asked.

"Our friend is not wrong." she indicated Majvoc, "It is a dangerous thing."

"It saved our lives." Luna snapped defensively.

"Which is why my wife started by thanking you." Balar said, coming to walk with them. "You know your own business, but large uses of alien power like that it... well lets just say it can attract unwanted attention."

"You are correct." Luna replied, "I do know my own business." She quickened her pace and walked ahead, as Balar and Tiella shared a glance.

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