In A Blink

Garand's jaw clenched slightly as he lumbered on. He wondered if the Jotun realized the Half-Elf had picked up on his less than kind words.

He tightened his cape around himself as light and cold air began to fill the cavern path. They were almost out now. The Half-Elf had to shield his eyes as the group finally stepped out into the sun, as many of the others did. While he felt he had been down under for quite some time, he had to imagine that everyone else had walked those darkened stone paths for even longer.

Realizing he had dulled his senses in his moment of mesmerization, Garand's eyes narrowed with a sort of sharp and predatorial-like focus. His eyes noticed them at the same time Luna's did. The wise one was missing. With little inspection, he noticed a man that had not been there before, and it appeared he was having some sort of scuffle with Kespin. Upon spotting him, Luna immediately lunged, something Garand would have personally advised against. While the full-blood took the offensive, Garand took this time to analyze their opponent. By his attire alone, the man seemed as some sort of hunter, perhaps a skilled combatant, and if he had taken Kespin down so easily, perhaps he had some expansive knowledge of magic.

In what seemed a blink, the man managed to stab Luna, and now had her in his grasp. Garand growled under his breath, he hadn't expected her attack to be so aggressive, she had left herself open to an attack. Garand remained calm, even though he knew not what condition the girl was in, and as he wanted to minimize any further damage to the girl under the hope that she could be healed afterward, so he didn't move. He could do it himself, but this man would have to die first, and by his hand.

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