Blood in the Snow

Balar watched in horror as the scene unfolded before him. His axe was out and ready as was Jorriks dark sword beside him. He growled in frustration as he saw that Luna was held tight by the stranger and then saw the blood on her dress. The bastard had stabbed her. She was smiling in grim defiance, but that could not last for long. He knew from her own words that the sunlight would be weakening her powers and the blood loss would soon take its toll.

Out of the corner of her eye he saw Majvoc backing away and moving around to get a clear view of the strangers back as he readied his bow. The stranger was glaring at each of them in turn, obviously taken by surprise in seeing that Kespin was far from alone. He wondered what the old man had done to earn this?

Tiella stepped forward her dagger in hand and her eyes glowing white with the borrowed magic of the ice drakes. An icy breeze rose about her and when she spoke it was without emotion,

"You are outnumbered and far from aid. Release our companion or face the consequences." as she spoke a nimbus of bright white light formed in her open palm and a thin layer of frost began to form on the strangers skin and clothing.

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