Nothing More

The hunter had given Garand an opening, and the second he turned tail to run, the Half-Elf's arm shot out, eyes closing as his magic reached out for the man's mind and soul. He fought hard to isolate and surround it, but the sound and wind of an arrow whipping past him shook his concentration. When his eyes opened again, he realized the man was out of his range now, it would be impossible to grasp him now. His pale arms retracted back into his cloak, there was nothing more that could be done. He turned and limped back, brushing past the others.

"I made an attempt to stop him," was all he said as he passed Balar, his face stern, and promptly retreated to the tail end of the group where he had already been spending most of his time. He thought about confronting Erik about his view of Garand as a "bandit" at the "lowest of life", if he had heard correctly, but decided against it for fear of antagonizing the Jotun, ultimately deciding to keep quiet for now.

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