Ice Ward

Tiella ran to Lunas side heedless of the would be bounty hunter. Placing her hand on the girls side she released a small amount of energy into her wound knitting the skin together and removing the potential for infection. It would still hurt like hell but Luna would lose no more blood.

She glanced up then seeing their attacker in ful retrete and released a sigh.

Luna was turning pink, her skin suffering under the effects of the Sun. Tiella cocked her head to one side and considered the predicament.

"This may give you a chill," she explained "and it won't prevent the drain on you power, but it will keep you from harm for a few days at least."

And with that Tiella allowed the if magic of the dagger to flow outwards creating a simple warding skin around the elf. Lunas skin took of a diamond sheen as the magic did its work and began to reflect the harmful effects of the Sun.

She noticed Dyvia leaning in with interest as she worked.

"Tonight I study that dagger once more." The Dwarf said with a strange glint in her eye.

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