Mostly Stealth

They walked through the rest of the night. The sound of the trolls persisted for a time, grunts, snarls and the occasional squeal of pain s they came across unsuspecting animals in the dark, but at last the sounds grew distant and faded. At some point Majvoc slipped away into the shadows and it wasn't until nearly dawn that Balar passed comment.

"Wonder where he's gone." he grumbled.

"He'll be back." Tiella replied absently, she was more worried about their elf companion who looked distant and confused by something.

They finally entered a small copse at the base of a wide green valley and as the sun rose over the crest of the hills ahead they settled down for a short rest. Balar lit a fire to get them warm while Tiella prepared a small meal from the food in their pack.

"Do you think we lost the trolls?" She asked after a moment.

"Probably." Balar replied taking a bite out of a hunk of bread. "But where we are going we will meet plenty more." he gestured off to the north.

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