Civil conversation is easier than I recalled.

<<Luna caught up to her quickly, “What are you talking about? Are you the one the shadows’ riddle referred to?” she asked confused.>>

"I'm not sure which one you are," she said to Luna. "I'm not sure you are one of them at all.” Caligari scratched her armpits and sniffed her fingers. “That means you probably aren't part of the prophecy so the story of how you came to be here is more entertaining than anything I could tell you. I saw your little trick with the shadows earlier, but that's not my area of magic so you'd have to tell me what it is they say, your shadows. I talk with the dead and they are far more than mere shadows. The dead were once like us; all manner of men, women, children and gods with unsatisfied desires and ambition that still seek an outlet. They exist outside of time and share with me their view of the world without time. To some that means I see the future, but I also see the past and present.” She seemed to think this answered the girl's question completely.

“I notice you hold onto that staff as if your life depended on it. Do it?”


Luna was an odd one, but that meant absolutely nothing coming from someone like Caligari. Kespin on the other hand, was a familiar type of normal that Caligari could appreciate.

<<Kespin followed the witch eagerly, being this close was an opportunity he could not miss. Fingering a metal shard, he stepped even closer and spoke. "Did you skin the animal that drapes your shoulders by hand? Or wait for the hide to slide off the road and flesh?">>

“The Voice of Reason,” Caligari gave Kespin a knowing smile. “I was wondering which of you that would be. This cloak? I did more than skin the bear; I killed it, cleaned it, ate it and smoked parts of it.” She held her hands to her face to mime the act of smoking a pipe. “But before that I seduced it. Bears aren’t naturally inclined to sacrificing themselves for my benefit so they require a bit of persuasion. I think we can agree I made out on the winning end of that arrangement.” She reached up into her head dress and retrieved a strange looking knife whose edge was razor sharp, but impossibly delicate. “I never leave home without it. Course, I got no home and am on the move every waking hour, but it’s always with me. I could cut your balls off so clean you wouldn’t even miss ‘em. Well, until you went to use ‘em.” She gave Kespin a suggestive look, “You do still use ‘em, yeah?”

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