Under the Snowy Cloak

Although his plan was to walk a short distance, he had somehow managed to fall at least 50 yards behind. Instead of catching up, Miles decided to take this moment to remove his helmet, and clean the blood that slipped in through the cracks of the helmet with snow. He stabbed his axe into the ground to keep it upright and looked around for anyone who may have noticed him. No one was around...

He knelt down, and scooped up a handful of the cold powder, before rubbing it into the eye socket, and the contours of his helmet. The gentle wind picked up, and pelted snowflakes against the side of his scarred head. His blonde hair flowed gently with the breeze as it blew from the direction his group were heading. He scooped up more snow, and rubbed it into the crevasses of his helmet. With the helmet clean, he dumped the dirty snow, and rose to his feet. He momentarily hung his helmet on the hilt of his axe, before adjusting his shoulder pads, and brushing snow off his knees.

He reached for his helmet, but suddenly felt queasy. Something was here, he didn't know what, but the feeling was there. He looked around for a moment, but all he saw was snow. He decided to stay put, that would give him the intimidation advantage. Those who run to their allies are cowards, in his mind. And for all he knew, his allies could be dead. They may have already faced this foe, and fell. Since the snow has gotten thicker, and he could only see in a 25 yard perimeter. Hopefully he would still be able to follow the footprints before they were covered up. Whatever was here though, he would have to be ready. Suddenly, he heard a crunch a few yards away, and quickly turned to face the opponent.

To his relief, the source of the noise was a pair of Snow Hares, darting by as quickly as possible. Miles realized something, what were the running from? He put his helmet on his head, and armed himself with his axe, before preparing for a fight. May the snow bring him the advantage.

(OOC- Amdir and Naurfast can interact if desired.)

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