The Black Spire

"Will you look at that." Tiella exclaimed as a tall dark shape loomed up out of the drift of snow. It was a long way off yet and looked to be some sort of tall black spire rising up out of the ground.

"Some sort of marker maybe." Balar mused as he peered forward at the structure.

"Perhaps." Tiella agreed, "I think we should take a look at it." The wind was rising once more and with it the shifting clouds of snow. Tiella was staying close to Luna who was not faring well after the events of the last few days. The elf girl had stumbled several times on the long walk from the battlefield and Tiellas dagger held no more magic to heal. She cursed herself for not stealing something from the recent battle.

"Where is our frozen warrior?" Majvoc asked as he came in from one of his ranging trips off to the south. He carried two freshly caught rabbits in his left hand and was looking happier.

"He dropped back a while ago, mumbled something about watching our rear." Balar replied.

Majvoc leered down towards Dyvia and took a step back to take a long admiring look at her backside. "Yes, I can see what he might want to do that." he laughed as the dwarf shot him a dark glance. Grinning he raised his hands in mock surrender.

"Give it a rest." Balar shot him a withering glance and Majvoc rolled his eyes and moved away.

The day wore on as they grew closer to the black spire and they soon began to understand the vast size of it. The spire appeared to be rectangular in shape, tapering off towards a point at the top. It was taller than any tree and around fifty paces all the way around the base. It was clear that even more of the structure was buried beneath the deep snow.


Jorrick stood mesmerized by the spire. The others had approached it but he could not. It was overwhelming. His cursed visions, the runes that emanated from those who were touched by magic, they were stronger than ever before. It was like he was peering into the well of destiny itself. Strings of fate flew from the spire like cords entangling each member of the group and the sky flared with the bright sparks of power that none but he could see. While the others saw nothing but black stone he saw... he saw... he fell to his knees as he saw what effect the Jotun had on the spire. As he moved the cords of power reached out and were snapped and shattered, the runes of destiny evaporated and the air around the giant grew dark and deadly. None could see it but him, nobody knew what danger walked amongst them... a giant.. a god slayer... and more... he fell to the snow unconscious.

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