The Black Spire

Jorrik came too with most of the others crowding around him. The vision had passed as they always did, and the fear that came with them was fast becoming a shadow of memory. Dyvia helped him to his feet.

"My thanks." he murmured wiping the blood away from his face where his had bit down hard on his lower lip. That would smart.

"What ails you?" Balar asked as he came trudging over.

Jorrik waved away the concern, "Just exhaustion I imagine, it had been a taxing journey and the battle with the Legion Captain took a deal from me."

In truth it had, and Balar accepted the explanation at face value, though Majvoc and the Dwarf looked less convinced. Never lie to a Dwarf his father had told him. He chuckled to himself at the memory. Then looking around he asked,

"Where is Miles?"

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