Everybody Dies. It'll be Great!

Cali waved her hand at the disappeared visage like a wounded bird’s wing. "So….. That was the Necromancer. Now you’ve all been introduced. Cheerful lot they are, yeah? Perhaps you see now why I make such efforts to separate myself from them in all ways? They’re dreary and arrogant and dark.”

Cali adjusted her towering headdress and returned the others stares. They were looking at her like she'd lost her mind. Perhaps in the past she had, but she was finding it again. “What? You don't see it? I'm a humble Witch. That was Hella’s necromancer. Huge difference, like dusk and twilight.” She followed Kespin and the others past the dark pillar.

"There isn't a way to enter Hel alive? Not that leaving this ruined world doesn't sound fun..." the Dwarf commented.

“That’s one rule we can’t break, not none of us. Only the dead can pass in or out of the underworld. But don’t worry dwarf….erm… Dyvos? Sorry, I can’t recall, you ain’t talked to me yet. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you with the dying part. I’m happy to help you all die. Makes it easier to bring you back when we’re done if it was me as put you that way.”

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