Onward to Death

Tiella glanced at the book and shook her head. Balar knew better than to even try. "I think your best bet of deciphering that text is the Necromancer himself." he murmured as he shouldered his pack.

"Where are you going?" Jorrick asked as he watched the warrior make ready to leave, "You heard the man, they are expecting us!"

Balar shrugged, "Gods are arrogant like that... it's why most of them are dead!" He glanced over to the newcomer then who sat glaring down at the group from the back of her wolf,

"Stranger I would advise you to turn tail and run as far as you can away from us." and with that he was walking away into the snow with Tiella in tow.

Jorrick came to stand besides Luna and glanced down at her spell book. Some of the runes looked familiar but unlike those he saw in his visions they were flat, two dimensional and without context. He could make no sense of them... or no perhaps one. He pointed to the small red mark in the centre of the text and traced his finger over the rune.

"That one means blood sacrifice." he said with a shake of his head and with that he was following Balar north.

Majvoc stood next to the wolf rider and smiled up at her, admiring they way her form curved nicely into the saddle. She noticed his attention and glared down at him in challenge. He laughed and raised his hands,

"Well you heard the man Amdir of the northern clans, we go to meet death herself. I told you they were fools."

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