Forge in the Frost

Jorrik delayed answering the witches question for as long as possible. The argument that was rising amongst the others helped his cause and for a time they walked in silence listening to the exchange.

"Well?" Said Cali at last and Jorrik half turned to look at her. She was he had to admit, beautiful, in a terrifying way.

"The rune I saw in the elf girls book, Blood Sacrifice." He took a ragged breath, "It was like the final piece in a puzzle I have been trying to solve my entire life. The runes I see... around others.. in the world. They were chaotic, senseless."

He stopped then and turned to stare into her eyes, "but now they are coming together in my mind. Like I can almost reach out and grasp the strands of fate." He looked at her waiting for her to laugh or call him crazy.


Tiella dropped back to walk alongside Dyvia. She offered a smile and handed over her dagger hilt first. Dyvia took it with a questioning glance.

"I have been lax in my promise." The halfelf said, "Do you think you could make another?"


Majvoc quickend his pace to walk beside Garrand. He pulled a strip of salted meat from his pocket and took a bite before handing it over to the man.

"Us disreputable types need to stick together." He chuckled seeing the man's surprise at the geasture, "Been around a few outfits in my time who did you run with back in the lowlands? Mayhap we have a few friends in common. Or enemies.." He grinned as he said the last.


Balar blinked as he started make out The outline of a structure ahead. It was difficult to make out anything at great distance here in the snow. As they walked on it became clear, a squat building with a fire burning inside. He quickened his pace.

Soon he began to see the bodies. Great winter wolves saddled for riding like that of their new companion, men and women or at least parts of them were strewn about the snow in all directions. Here and there the snow was pink with blood, but for the most part everything was covered in a thick sheen of fresh frost.

"Weapons." Balar called out as he drew his own axe. To the rear Amdir sprang from her wolf and fell to her knees amidst the body parts. She began to keen in helpless rage as her wolf echoed the sound with a soul wrenching howl.

The building was clear now. A forge and while the fires were lit is appeared to be unoccupied. On racks outside the building wolf pelts had been mounted on racks, and barrels of supplies and weapons had been laid out about them.

"Odins balls." Balar cursed as he saw the bloody rune painted in the snow at the forge entrance. It was Dwarven for "Gift."

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