Dyvia looked at Tiella in shock, her worries vanished with the prospect presented to her.
"I, uh, I don't know if it would be just like so, I haven't the best experience with forge runes and your dagger has right plenty on it."
Looking at the dagger again, she grasped the handle tight.
"But I will certainly try!"
Hearing Balar's warning she looked, then quickly handed the dagger back as the color drained from her face.
Erik had seen slaughter worse than this, it truly didn't bother him that humans had been killed, but he found a knot in his gut at the sight of the wolves.
Such beautiful creatures, tamed and lead to their doom.
"I do not believe a single necromancer or even a few draugr could have created such a mess."
His doubts vanished at the gory rune presented to them.
Kespin looked upon the dead with a solemn look, then his demeanor changed with the sight of supplies.
"Ah, the prized pelt of a northern wolf! Perfect for a cloak."
Reaching for one, he was nearly thrown down by Erik.
"Can you not see these are the fallen kin of our newest ally?? Your mind may be lost, but surely your manners didn't follow."
Brushing himself off, he pouted before going towards the barrels.
"Fine, fine, after she grieves I will take it. And don't call me Shirley!"

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