A Foul Task

Jorrik looked from one companion to the other. They were seeking answers and God's damn it so was he. He had to try to make some sense of this or the moment would pass and this... this gift would be wasted. All that death and all the death to come for nothing. He gathered his thoughts and tried to explain.

"I see the two blades as they are and... as they should be. I am certain that they should be forged as one. It is the reason they came to me, it is part my... our destiny. The Dwarf can forge the metal, she has the skill. The elf holds the power of shadow, the fulcrum upon which light and darkness must balance and blend. Luna you must bring your magic to bare to hold that balance. And you..."

His eyes were filled with horror now as he spoke to Caligari the witch of the frozen north. "A sacrifice has been prepared out there in the snow, souls of man and beast that linger... it is a foul thing that has been done but use them you must to link this blade to the realm of death, to the throne of Hel itself. I will carry the guilt for this act and I will pay the price when the time comes."

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