Ritual Rising

Tiella watched the Dwarf at work. Dyvia was obviously a master of her craft, it was a marvel how she managed to work the metal, shaping it to her will. She could also see the flows of light and dark magic swelling around the conjoined blade, their opposing forces straining against the force of her hammer strokes. The power began to build until Tiella was sure it must explode and then Luna unleashed her power and Tiella marvelled anew as the young elf tamed the wild magics with her own. The shadows began to intertwine with the power of the swords bringing them together just as Dyvia brought together the steel.

A new sword was taking shape within the forge. Tiella gasped as she senses the raw power contained within it.

"Witch it is now or never." Jorrik called over to the enigmatic Caligari and Tiella gasped as she felt the power begin to build within the woman.

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