Disgust and Desire

Majvoc took the scene in and dropped his pack to the ground. The tribes woman and her wolf were making a gods awful racket and the others were mooning around the place worrying over the grim morality of it all or some such nonsense. He dropped his pack to the ground and unsheathed his knife.

He glanced over to see Amdir mount her wolf steed and flee into the snow. Good, that would make what was to come easier. He saw this for what it was, "a gift." It was gods damned cold and here they had been given cart load of winter wold fir to keep them alive. Someone had even strung up a few pelts on racks as a big fury hint. He went to work on the nearest wolf.

Moments later the witch woman stalked out and started to collect body parts. Gods he hated magic. He tried to ignore her as she gurgled away in her black speech but kept getting distracted by that milky white flesh she so liked to keep on display. What he wouldn't give for a quick tumble in the hay with that body. He watched her disappear inside and shook his head.

"Any of you want to help with this?" he called over to Garrand, Mile and the Giant. Kespin was already poking around one of the firs appreciatively.

He looked up as Balar came stumbling out of the stone building and then the ground began to shake. Majvoc scrambled to his feet and looked around for the source of the disturbance and then realised it came from the building. He could see a mist forming in around the doorway and hear the clear ring of a hammer falling on steel. There came a loud whaling scream and Cali came stumbling out into the snow to vomit up her vile concoction.

"Helas tit on a stick!" Majvoc turned and emptied his own stomach into the snow.

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