Last Rest

Miles and Cali remained quiet and non committal during Balars speech. The evening had given them much to consider and in the end the old warrior thought it best to leave them to their musings rather than try to press for a decision.

They settled down in the forge, warmed by the heat of the fire. Majvok and Jorrik prepared a number of the wolf pelts to protect the group from the cold, while several of the others piled up the carcasses and human dead in a mound outside of the forge.

As darkness drew close about them the party settled down to sleep in the last warmth they would know for some time. The journey ahead seemed grim and few spoke as the night passed them by.

During the night a blizzard rose up about the forge and the wind howled in through the doors and Windows. Come morning they emerged to find the carnage outside buried beneath a fresh blanket of snow. Garrand was nowhere to be found.

"We travel north." Balar announced, "Caligari these are your lands will you lead the way?"

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