A Ride or Die Witch

The dark witch moved among the ranks until she was at Balar’s side; standing in the loose snow looking northward. She pulled her leather cloak tight, thankful for it’s lining of thick fur and craving the drugs that her body had grown reliant upon. They’d done far more to ward her against these frigid temperatures than a bearskin could. She cleared her throat and spat it out onto the snow. “You lost one of your number last night; might happen again before the end.” She glanced back at the others who were preparing to move out. The great wolf and rider had not returned, that was a shame. Cali moved in closer to speak with Balar.

“I didn’t want to say this last night, but this crusade must claim the life of at least one other. It’s not my choice, but they’re aware of the need and resigned to it. Also, the Binding rituals around the forge, they did more than obligate the spirits of the dead to our cause. I had to assure them of our success and their freedom, release into the physical realm. But if we fail or I’m unable to provide that freedom, they will seize my soul as payment. One soul divided between thirty vindictive spirits with a lust for flesh will not end well for me, so let us work together to avoid such an outcome. Don’t let the others fall behind or we’ll lose sight of one another in these drifts. They might respond better to you.”

Cali set off into the North and whistled shrilly back at the others, waving them ahead.

OOC: So we lost Amdir, Naurfast, Garand & Miles? I apologize if I'm assuming on any of these, it's just an over site on my part. Please correct me. Oh yes, please correct me hard.

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