Path to Darkness

Dyvia marveled at the structure, its intricate design hinted at a master stone mason.
It almost made the dark aura surrounding it unnoticeable.
"I don't suppose he expects us to knock?"
Erik was becoming tired of all of these massive structures and the pressure they exuded. Add the blade he carried and he wished for this quest to be done so he could find a quiet area far from anyone.
He found Majvoc's comment mildly entertaining.
"Maybe you can get all cozy with him, swindle his coin purse as he swindles your soul."
Kespin stood next to Balar, the warriors presence being a comfort as his senses told the old fool to run. He couldn't understand why he didn't, that was usually the route he took and it had served him well.
Puffing his chest, he started walking towards the door.
"I do hope he has tea prepared. Rather rude, the host that is not prepared for guests."

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