The Man who Faces the Shadows

He had stayed quiet, even when Erik asked him of his allegiance. To be quite honest, he missed that wolf-rider already, the idea of having an beast of might by his side brought him pride. The same with Garand, and as the party seemed to shrink slightly, he considered his purpose. If he did leave, where would he go, who would accept him, for his magic, and his appearance. As well, after the cave incident, what would prevent him from putting these people in greater danger. But at the same time, he knew that the great serpent would be disappointed in an cowardly warrior. And it seemed like the only person he felt comfortable around was Luna, only because she was the first to try and comfort him. His decision is made.

The group had traveled from the forge, and through more snow. Then more snow. Until they reached their destination, the dark, death emanating, citadel of the necromancer. As he followed his allies up the stairs, he noticed the strange enthusiasm of Kespin, leading the group with intrigue. That intrigue seemed to leave the man as the clambered to the top step, and in front of the grand entrance. Two, oaken doors, with an strangely incomprehensible height. As the group entered, the doors slammed behind him.

An voice echoed out, that of the necromancer, deep and powerful, filled with darkness. Like anyone with an knights experience, Miles decided the best option was to initiate conversation.

"Its an honor to be welcomed to your great halls." Miles replied, more so yelled, because he didn't know where the necromancer was.

Introductions usually never works in his line of duty though.

(OOC- Sorry for the lack of inactivity on my part. I was and still am going through something that I wish not to speak about. It feels good to be back in though.)

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