OOC - One Year Old

Dear Players I just wanted to thank you all, both old and new for sticking with game this long and getting it to the One Year mark which is a great achievement for any game of this format.

Lily you have been with us from day one and you have my heartfelt thanks for your continuing support and the occasional nudge you have given us when things have gone quiet and the future of the game might otherwise have been in doubt.

Mobius64 your character remains an important part of the plot and while Majvoc is under my care for the most part these days it is always a welcome contribution when you pop in a post to guide his actions and development.

Lucian you have contributed a huge amount to both the feel and direction of the game. The characters you have created and adopted are colourful and challenging. I am always looking forward to seeing how they will challenge the plot and character arcs and am never disappointed.

WB we are really glad to have you on board and also pleased that you have chosen to stick with your character despite having a rough run of late. I think he has alot of promise and if you want to chat about how we can work him into the main story arc more then drop me a line any time.

And Esimed... what can I say. I love Cali and what we have planned for her should make life very interesting for our little group. I have had some thoughts beyond out initial discussions that I want to chat to you about some time soon. Suffice to say I think we can expect great things from her, terrible! but great!

You will all be getting an award for being with the game on this momentous occasion and in the next few days I will be writing a post to talk about the future of the game in a little more detail as we near the end of the first great task set down by the Harlequin. In the mean time keep writing and enjoying the setting, we have a hall full of coffins to get through alive ;)

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