As the group followed Balar through the hall, a sense of dread filled them with each passing sarcophagi.
Erik found this more fascinating, humans often obsessed on having their image preserved for eternity, whether by mummification or by having monuments made.
"These are not all made for humans.."
His observation proved true, many were vastly out of shape for the average human, some
even looking like they were made for dwarves. Dyvia noted on this as well.
"Sick bastard."
Kespin walked through the wall with a growing unease as well, his jovial demeanor being replaced with one of somber thought. His tome had been revealing some odd pages, covered in dire runes and dark images, but he could not tell if they were from the past or for the future.
"When will our host quit being so vague, i'd prefer to be disturbed in person."

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