The Other Side

Balar turned as Cali stepped through the black portal. The air was silent and still and the world was brilliant white. All had now drunk of the potions of the Necromancer though it had been a close thing for a few of them. The cold of Niffelheim was an inhuman thing, deadly within moments. Even now with the magic of the potion protecting him Balar could feel the freezing air forcing its way into his skin breath by breath.

"There is no time to waste." he announced to the others. He and Cali shared a glance as she looked down at the body of their fallen companion.

"The warrior is correct." she said, "In one hour we die."

"There!" Majvoc called out, he was pointing to a domed temple in the shape of a warrior helm.

"The Mirrored Sepulcher." Tiella breathed.

"Lets move." Balar ordered just as a low growling sound came from the direction of the portal.


Araghol snarled as the witch robbed him of his victory. His blood, his blade would have bound their souls to him. She had been very specific about that, he would need to warn his mistress... or perhaps she need not know. If they did not make it to the Sepulcher..

Rising he walked over to the fallen Winter Wolf and placed his hands upon the creatures damaged skull.


The words of command rang out in the chamber causing stone to fall from the high ceiling, such was the power of the recalling. The great wolf stirred, eldritch green light emanating from his eyes and frozen clouds of air billowing from his mouth. The beast gave a low growl of warning and such was its power that Araghol backed away a step despite himself. He smiled grimly as he gestured towards the open portal.

"Go..." he ordered, "Hunt... Kill!"

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